June Favourites: Fashion, Books, Beauty & Snacks

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Hi again!

Two posts in one week? Clearly somebody has their life together this week (insert sass emoticon here). In all seriousness though, I’m finally on holidays so instead of my usual Sunday post, I’ll be posting a new blog post every Sunday & Thursday, so mark it in your calendars, folks! (Or you know, don’t, and instead just follow me over on instagram @honey.and.bea and I’ll let ya know)

I can’t believe it’s June already!

It feels like just last week we were celebrating Christmas & the new year, and somehow we’re already halfway through 2017. I feel like such an adult when I complain about how time is going too fast, but it really, truly is!

This month I’ve been loving a lot of different things and I thought I would do a mini collective June Favourites of all my favourite snacks, books, clothing, and beauty bits. I’ll also make sure to link to everything I can find online, so that if you’re interested you can pop over and have a look.


I always find that I’ll go through stages of loving a particular app, and neglecting all of the other 50 million that seem to live on my phone. What am I loving right now you ask? Instagram, of course! I’ve recently rediscovered my love for Instagram, and I’m really loving finding new style, blog, photography and art dedicated accounts to follow and engage with.


I think Instagram is such a great way to connect and share content with people you normally wouldn’t interact with, and there are so many incredible accounts to discover that you never get bored.

I also love creating new content to share on my own Instagram – it definitely gives me another way to express my creativity and personal style!


I’m one of those people who doesn’t really mix up their beauty routine very often, if I find a product I like I tend to stick with it for a long time. Especially perfume. I’ve been using the Chloé perfume for as long as I can remember, but when I received the Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge perfume as a free gift with another purchase, I fell in love!


It’s the perfect subtle, intriguing and distinctly feminine scent, and although it is more on the pricey end of the scale, I definitely recommend it if you’re in the market for a new scent. I’ve already gone online and saved the 2-Piece Limited Edition Set to my wish-list for when my sample bottle runs out, and I’ll definitely be ordering it when it does!


Ok so anyone who knows me knows that I am a major (underlined, bold and italicised for EMPHASIS!!!) bookworm. I read every single day, and I love finding new authors and books to read. Thus I thought I would include my favourite book of all time, which I’m currently in the middle of re-reading, so that you too, can experience the wondrous words of James Patterson in Sam’s Letters to Jennifer.


This book weaves two love stories into one through the letters written by Sam, Jennifer’s Grandmother. It’s poignant, a little heart-breaking, honest, real, and in my opinion, a love story greater than anything the illustrious Mr Sparks himself has written (soz Nicholas, major fan but this book is just so good). I feel like it is such an underrated novel, and more people need to appreciate the story of both Sam & Jennifer.


Sam’s Letters to Jennifer is currently on sale at the Book Depository for $9.95, and if you love anything by Nora Roberts, Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Picoult or Jill Mansell, I think you would really love this book and I recommend you hop on over and grab yourself a bargain! You won’t regret it.

Also, let me know in the comments or over on Instagram/Twitter, what your all-time favourite books are!


I love trying new trends, and recreating old ones, but one trend that I have been loving for a while now, is the bomber jacket. There are so many diverse options; from cropped to long, to metallic or matte, to literally every colour under the sun. Whatever your style, there is probably a bomber jacket that you will love.



Out of the four that I own, this pale pink bomber jacket with soft, rose gold embroidery is by far my favourite. It’s super light-weight and no where near bulky as other jackets of its kind, which is a plus! I love pairing it with a faux suede mini, a crop top, and black ankle boots for a super cool, effortless vibe. I managed to pick it up for only $35 (it was originally $119) and there are still a heap of sizes left online, which is an incredible price for the quality of this jacket!


I don’t know if coffee counts as a ‘snack’, but I don’t drink it all that often so when I do it always feels like a special lil treat. Lattes have always been my coffee of choice, and only recently have I converted to drinking coconut milk lattes. And Oh. My. Gosh. are they delicious!


Coconut milk is definitely one of those things that you either love or hate, but my super fussy self loves it! I’ve yet to try it in anything else other than coffee (let me know if you have any smoothie recipes with it, I want to try some out!), but I will never go back to drinking my usual skinny lattes now that I’ve had a coconut latte!

If you’re feeling like you want to switch up your coffee order, or try something new, definitely give a coconut latte a try!

So, there you have it!

My June favourites! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and definitely let me know what you’ve been loving this month (book recommendations, please!), I love reading your comments and discovering new products & items.

Hope you have fabulous week,



The 5 Blogs You Need To Be Following


the 5 blogs you need to be (1)

Hiiiii everybody!

So before I jump into this week’s blogpost, I wanted to give you a little update on what’s been happening with Honey & Bea.

Honey & Bea’s Milestone Week

This has been a bit of a milestone week for me; three weeks after launching Honey & Bea I reached 300 followers on Instagram, 100 followers on Twitter, and 50 over on Bloglovin’! I’m so excited about where Honey & Bea is going, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

However, there is absolutely no way I would even have this blog if it wasn’t for a few other blogs/bloggers that inspired me to jump into the world of blogging. So, today I thought I would share with you;

The 5 blogs you need to be following if you’re a newbie blogger like me!

#1 InTheFrow

Okay, so if you aren’t following Victoria from InTheFrow already, you need to get on that ASAP. Victoria’s blog is literally a magazine, and each post is so beautifully pieced together, from the images, photography, layout, to the text itself. Whilst InTheFrow is predominantly known for being a style blog, it’s the lifestyle pieces that really draw me in and make it one of my ultimate must-be-following blogs.

Basically, if you’re looking at really upping your blogging game? InTheFrow is the inspo you need.

#2 Mostly Morgan

If you’re looking for blogging tips and any tips or tricks that will help you to grow your blog organically, MostlyMorgan is the place to be. Morgan is one of the most transparent bloggers I have stumbled across, and her blogging tips are so useful and easy to interpret; there’s a reason Morgan is so successful. My favourite post that I think every new blogger should read is linked here, and it’s all about using social media strategically to grow your blog, which as we all know, is super important!

#3 The Blog Market

The blog market is the ultimate blogging hub – from resources, to tips, to post ideas, to tutorials – whatever you want to know, The Blog Market probably has a post on it. Not only does The Blog Market provide amazing blogging tips for newbies, but the way they relate their information and content is beyond aesthetically pleasing, and provide major blog inspo!

#4 Kara’s Closet

Kara’s blog is one of the first ones I stumbled across on Bloglovin’, and oh my gosh am I glad I did! Kara’s ‘How to Start a Blog’ series is a newbie blogger must-read – it’s full of great tips for all of those who are just starting out in the blogging world! Kara’s photography, aesthetics and writing style are all at such an incredibly standard, and if you’re looking to really up your blogging game, I definitely recommend checking out Kara’s Closet.

#5 Thirteen Thoughts

Thirteen Thoughts encompasses all things beauty, lifestyle, self-love and blogging. Along with Kara’s Closet, it was one of the first blogs I found on Bloglovin’, and has provided me with some major blog inspo, especially over the last month as I’ve created Honey & Bea. One of my favourite absolutely must-read pieces on Thirteen Thoughts is the ‘How to Start a Lifestyle Blog’ post (which I’ve linked right here, you’re welcome) it is honestly such a great step-by-step guide to creating a blog, especially if you’re a WordPress user!


These blogs will be a source of inspiration and help expand your blogging knowledge, just like they have for me! I’m a major advocate for sharing the love and letting people know when you think they’ve created something amazing, so if you have any other blog recommendations leave them in the comments below or contact me over on Twitter, or Instagram.

I can’t wait to see what blogs you are loving!




There’s just something about metallic sneakers that are so cool. Want to dress up ripped jeans and a white tee? Add metallic sneaks. Want to dress down a flared sleeve mini dress? Add metallic sneaks. Want to feel 100% cooler than you are? ADD METALLIC SNEAKS. 

(Also is sneaks something I’ve made up, or is it definitely slang for sneakers??? Not entirely sure, but I’m rolling with it)

So, clearly, I’m really into the metallic sneakers. I have a couple of pairs (and another pair coming in the mail, I just can’t resist a sneaky Missguided 50% off sale), but my favourites are these ASOS metallic sneakers in silver with cool little pictures all over them.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I wear them with such a diverse range of outfits because they’re seriously just that versatile. In the summer I loved pairing them with denim shorts and a slogan tee, or with a cute summery playsuit. Now that it’s winter (southern hemisphere probs, am I right?), my go-to look is distressed denim, an oversized knit and my ASOS metallic sneakers.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

So, although my sneakers have sold out, (I tried to buy a second pair in case these ones got ruined, and was heartbroken to find this was the case) I have found a bunch of similar sneakers, from rose gold to silver tones to satisfy all your metallic sneaker needs!


These rose gold sneaks are super simple and effortlessly cool. The rose gold tone is so on trend, and the simplicity of their style means you can pair them with literally anything. Plus, they’re currently in the ASOS sale, so you really can’t go wrong!

#2 ASOS DISCO Embellished Trainers ($75)

So this pair of sneakers is secretly one of my favourites, my taste in shoes is definitely eclectic, and as much as I love a simple nude heel, I also adore an over-the-top bedazzled pair of shoes: which is exactly what the ASOS DISCO sneaker is. They combine rose gold, silver and embellished jewels to create a seriously statement-making pair of shoes. If you’re one for the ostentatious and love a little bit of pizazz? These are definitely for you.

#3 ASOS DEED Trainers ($49.41)

These trainers are a super reflective metallic silver all over, and they have a kind of sporty vibe about them. Combine these with some black skinny jeans and a slogan tee, and you have the ultimate cool girl outfit.

#4 Gold Chain Lace-up Flatform Trainers ($40.95)

These gold sneakers from Misguided differ from the previous three pairs as they’re more of a glittery metallic than a reflective metallic, but I am still loving these. I love the muted gold tone and the flatform detail adds to their street style cred. Missguided currently has 50% off everything, so if you’re loving these as much as I am, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t treat yo’ self!

#5 Pull&Bear Metallic Trainer ($39.51)

These Pull&Bear trainers are in the prettiest rose gold shade and exude a soft and feminine vibe – something that isn’t super common when it comes to trainers. If you want to try the metallic sneaker trend, but want to do so subtly? These are the pair for you!

And last but certainly not least,

#6 Ted Baker Kulei Metallic Leather Trainers ($187.77)

These are by far the most expensive and luxe pair of metallic sneakers on this list I have compiled for you, and I kinda sorta think they’re worth it! (Okay, I definitely think they’re worth it otherwise I wouldn’t have included them!). They have a rose gold/silver combination going on that I’m really loving, and instead of white laces have gone with a super pale pink that just adds a really feminine vibe. If you’re looking to invest in a good pair of metallic sneakers, I’d definitely go for these! Plus, the free shipping totally means you’re getting a bargain, right? RIGHT?!

So, if you were on the fence about the metallic sneakers trend, I hope this list has convinced you that they are actually super cool! Let me know your favourite pair in the comments or over on Instagram (@honey.and.bea), or if you have any other recommendations! I never say no to a good shoe recommendation!

Rosehip: The Product You Need for Clearer Skin


I’ve never really had an issue with my skin, I mean of course growing up you’re bound to get a few spots here and there, but for me it was never anything that was severe and it didn’t particularly bother me.

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About a year ago however, my skin suddenly appeared uneven, red, and I had a few breakouts, nothing major, but it definitely bothered me! So, I made it my mission to get back to having clear, glowing skin.

I tried so many different products; face masks, serums, scrubs, cleansers, creams, you name it, I tried it! I watched so many different YouTube videos (Arden Rose does a great skincare video, you can find it on here), read countless blog posts, and I feel like I’ve finally the product that was missing from my skin routine! I’m in no way an expert on anything skin related but I thought I would share what helped me, as it might just help you, too.

Rosehip Oil: What is it, and why should you use it?

When you Google rosehip oil, pretty much every site claims that it’s a miracle working combination of oils that help to diminish fine lines, scares, sun damage and stretch marks. I’d say that’s pretty spot on. It’s full of fatty acids that are essential in the process of regenerating skin cells and helping the skin to appear younger and healthier. To sum it up? It’s just full of super nourishing and natural goodness.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

How do I know which one to buy?

There are a lot of Rosehip oils available on the market, and you can spend from $10 all the way up to $60, but I’ve found there isn’t much difference between the two price points. My biggest recommendation would be to make sure the Rosehip oil you’re purchasing is certified organic, and that it doesn’t have any added nasties! I’ve used both the Swisse Rose Hip Oil and the Essano Rosehip Oil Enriched with Acai Berry Antioxidant Oil. Personally, for my skin I found Essano to be the most nourishing and beneficial as my skin tends to be quite dry in the cooler months. It’s quite a bit heavier than the Swisse alternative, so if you have oily skin I would definitely recommend the Swisse option!

Adding Rosehip oil to my regular skin routine has seriously changed my skin, and I’m so glad I discovered it!

Let me know if you have any tips that have helped your skin, I love hearing what others recommend!


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Introducing Honey & Bea


Honey & Bea (2)

So, here it is. My first post. The big kahuna. I’ve been surprisingly nervous about writing this, and my procrastinating self keeps putting it off, but the time has come! This is something I’ve been dreaming of doing since I was in high school, but never quite knew what exactly I wanted my blog to be (if I’m being completely honest, I did attempt to write a blog once at 17 and failed miserably, but lets just forget about that moment in my life). In the past few years though, I think I’ve really discovered what I enjoy most, and now I want to turn that into something that I can share with you. So here is 6 facts about me!

  1. I’m currently studying media & communications at university, with a double major in marketing & journalism, and I love it. For the first two years of university, I was studying in another degree and absolutely detested it, but since changing, I’ve become so much happier and confident!
  2. I love chocolate. Seriously. Dark chocolate is my favourite, but I will happily accept any form of chocolatey goodness.
  3. My family is the most important thing in the world to me. Nothing makes me happier than hanging out with my entire family (not even chocolate).
  4. I have been a self-proclaimed style aficionado since the day I set foot on this earth (literally), and my favourite stories of my younger days are those which include my 3 year old self refusing to leave the house without looking #superstylish. I’m nowhere near as sassy as I apparently was nearly two decades ago, and don’t really have one particular style that I stick to, but I love all aspects of fashion and mixing new and old trends!
  5. Being near the ocean is the most calming thing you can do, in my opinion. I could sit for hours just watching the waves roll in time and time again.
  6. I have a super secret love for One Direction. I mean, Harry Styles, right??? And Niall with his brown hair? So. Much. Yes.
  7. Reading is essential to my being. I read every single day without fail, and I love a variety of genres. I don’t think I have a favourite, but the hopeless romantic within me does love (please note the emphasis on love, because the love is REAL) a good love story.

So, I hope you enjoy reading these 7 facts about me, and I would love to read a fact about you in the comments section down below, or send me a message or comment on Instagram (@honey.and.bea)!


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